Assaduddin Owaisi-MIM-Daughter Wedding-Barkat Alam Khan-28th December 2018 Images-Car’s

Assaduddin Owaisi Daughter Wedding Barkat Alam Khan 28th December 2018 Images-Car’s:Today on Friday 28th December 2018 Assaduddin Owaisi Daughter Wedding Image’s and Faction Hall photo’s. so lit’s here are some main and Classic Information about to big and Two Nawab Family barrister at Law form Landon  Assaduddin Owaisi Sahab MIM All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen HYDERABAD  Present and Member of Parliament...And another one is Nawab Shah Alam Khan. big Business man Son Barkat Alam Khan

Assaduddin Owaisi-MIM-Daughter Wedding-Barkat Alam Khan-28th December 2018 Images-Car's

Assaduddin Owaisi-MIM-Daughter Wedding Barkat Alam Khan Wedding Images-Car’s 

HYDERBAD: Come December 28 and two traditional Hyderabad families will bond together in matrimonial alliance. The Alam Khans and the Owaisis have been friends for generations and the wedding will herald a new chapter in the ties of the two grand old Hyderabadi families in the world. The Alam Khans are the pioneer industrialists of Hyderabad while the Asad uddin Owaisi shab gave a new dimension to Hyderabad politics.

Both families represent in Hyderabadi culture and tehzeeb.Nawab Barkat Alam Khan is all set to marry Qudsia Owaisi, daughter of Hyderabad MP and Dearing parson in whole world and {All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen} MIM president Asad uddin Owaisi shab. Barkat Alam Khan {Nawab Ahmed Alam Khan} and grandson of Nawab Shah Alam Khan.

Assaduddin Owaisi-MIM-Daughter Wedding Image’s 

Wedding Image’s Waris Phatan Mumbai MIM MLA

Asad Uddin Sahab and Barkat Alam Khan With   Ekkadu Srinivasan Lakshmi Narasimhan 

Asad Uddin in his Daughter Nikha at Hyderabad Asad Uddin sahab Dinner with Family’s

Barkat Alam Kham with KTR {Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao} Founder of Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

Asad Uddin Sahab Praying Salah in  faction hall

Barkat Alam khan with Telangana Chief Minister KCR  K. Chandrashekar Rao

Assaduddin Owaisi Daughter Wedding-Barkat Alam Khan Images-Car’s

Barkat Alam Khan with Telangana Chef Minster KCR and Home Minster Mohmood Ali Sahab and Akbar uddin owaisi ans Asad uddin owaisi

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