Bird’s calls Information-Cockatiel-Parrot-Finch & The most common of the birds & Arizona Birds Wild Animals images

Bird’s calls Information-Cockatiel-Parrot-Finch Wild Animals images: There are number of bird’s living in whole world. 10 Year before two scientists are decided to total number of Bird’s are across the 200 to 400 billions in the world. And they are enplane  all about the birds calls information like example Cockatiel-Parrot-Finch etc…There are some of The most common  birds of Arizona. They are call bird’s{Bird’s calls Information parrot finch Cockatiel}

Top And parity Bird’s in World   

In Animal’s there are number of family’s as well as in Bird’s all so number of family’s lit’s talk about some best and beautiful Bird’s  name’s and images Bird’s calls Information parrot finch Cockatiel



Cockatiel Bird’s





Hore practical than passionate, Chun re project four han 6,000 calls. Hardly anyone had studied these amphibians of the Northeast. Being a Rongmei land, would give her an edge, she real he invite iced. Her latest find is a stunning ruby digging miss crates and re rival, born and raised in Naga lookalikes, Nest in peace The village that doesn’t burst firecrackers because the birds will be disturbed became a self-imposed habit.


Today, not not a single person in the village bursts fi recrackers,” says Arumugam. it’s a nippy evening in Sivagangai. Dark clouds hover over the horizon and a brisk breeze brings a steady drizzle to the ochre-red earth.

Just like guests

And the ban is not just for Diwali. Even Madurai-Karaikudi highway, our car trun for weddings, temple festivals or finer dales on to a dirt track flanked by paddy als, firecrackers are a big no-no in Kollu- fields, leading to the village of Kollukudi. kudipatti.

Most heartening is how even ti. Soon, an archway with birds drawn children follows the practice. “It’s the on it announces we have reached Vettan birds that have put our village on the tou guide Bird Sanctuary, confirmed by the ca- rism map. We feel proud when foreigners cophony of bird call that t rents the air. stop by on their way to Karaikudi. The birds are our guests and it’s our duty to air pread over 38.40 hectares, Vettangu di is said to be the oldest bird.


Sanctuary help them raise their chicks safely,” says southern Tamil Nadu, and home t roughly 20 migrant varieties, ranging from the common storks ibis, grebes, egrets, he- and cormorants to compa- ratively rarer ones such as the yellow wattle lapwing and less- er whistling duck o Santhosh, a Class IV student at Singam punari Panchayat Union Government Primary School. The villagers take turns to stand at the The chic entrance to the sanctuary to greet visitors we clime rons and guide them.

Arizona Bird’s

These are common bird’s of Arizona

  • Eagles
  • Wild turkeys
  • Grouse Quail
  • Pelicans
  • Wild pigeons
  • Turtle doves
  • Robins
  • Blue jays
  • Larks
  • Crows
  • Hawks
  • Mocking birds
  • Ravens
  • Herons
  • Sand-hill crane
  • Wild geese
  • Brunt
  • Wild ducks
  • A great variety of smaller birds
  • Numerous quantities of vultures

The day we visit, it’s “In the the turn of the frail V. wardens Mayavan, 88, who is reaches So many birds might not have flocked here were it not for an unusual gesture on the part of the Kollukudi patti villagers wrapped in a shawl and standing under a lone Safe ha banyan tree. Flashing a With the toothless smile, he asks where we ly locate are from, then explains about the. vettangudi sanctuary “Please enjoy watch point. Some three decades ago, the village decided to stop bursting frecracks I’s the birds that have during Diwali.

We noticed chicks falling put our village on the out of their nests disturbed by the loud sounds. We discussed it at panchayat meetings and imposed an informal rule proud when foreigners forbidding firecrackers,” says P. Arumus gam, former Panchayat president. At first, the youngsters rebelled. But  soon, it Karaikudi of wade ber to F torture Now of Vetta annua almost tourism map. We feel has stop by on their way to some Rain

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