Type of Tenses Past Present Future Chart Exercise PDF Verb List With Example in Hindi Urdu Telugu

Type of Tenses /Definition Of Tenses: Tense Mean Time

Its is a Form Of a Verb Which Tells the Time Of An Action or Event. There are Mainly 03 Types Of Tenses

Type of Tenses

01. Present Tense

02. Past Tense

03. Future Tense

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Structure Of Tenses

There are 12 Tenses in English. Check From Below Table

Present Tense Past Tense Future Tense
Simple Present Tense Simple Past Tense Simple Future Tense
Present Continuous Tense Past Continuous Tense Future Continuous Tense
Present Perfect Tense Past Present Perfect Tense Future Perfect Tense
Present Perfect Past Perfect Future
Continuous Tense Continuous Tense Continuous Tense

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Table of Tenses and Tenses Structure

S.P.T Sub+v1+Object I Speak English
P.C.T Sub+am/is/are+v1+ing+object Iam Speaking English
P.P.T Sub+have/has+v3+object I Have Spoken English
P.P.C.Tsub+have/has+been+v1+ing+objectI Have Ben Speaking English
S.P.TSub+V2+ObjectI Spoke English
P.C.TSub+was/were+v1+ing+object I Was Speaking English
P.P.TSub+had+v3+object I Had Spoken English
P.P.C.TSub+had+been+v1+ing+object I Had Been Speaking English
S.F.TSub+shall/will+v1+objectI Shall Speak English
F.C.TSub+shall/will+be+v1+ing+objectI Shall be Speaking English
F.P.TSub+shall/will+have+v3+objectI Shall Have Spoken English
F.P.C.TSub+shall/will+have+been+v1+ing+objectI Shall Have Been Speaking English

Simple Present Tense /Type of Tenses

The Tense Which is Used to Indicate Habitual Actions, Universal Truths, General Works and Daily Works is Called Simple Present Tense.

Structure: Sub+v1+Extra Words

I Speak English Every Day

She Speaks English Every Day

Key Words

Daily, Every Day, Every Week, Every Month, Every Year Etc.

Note: In this Tense Verb Always in V1.

Present Continuous Tense

The Tense Which is Used to Indicate an Action Which is Going on At the Time Of Present is Called Present Continuous Tense.

Structure: Sub+am/is/are+v1+ing+Extra Words

Iam Doing Home Work Now

We are Watching TV Now

Key Words: Now, Presently, Look, ,Listen

Note: In this Tense Verb Always V1+Ing.

Present Perfect Tense

The Tense Which is Used to Indicate an Action Which Has Just Been Completed is Called Present Perfect Tense.

Structure: Sub+Have/has+v3+Extra Words

You Have Already Met Them

She Has Gone to Office

Key Words: Just, Just Now, Recently, Already, Till, Now

Note: In this Tense Verb Always in v3.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Which Began At Some Time in the Past and is Going On At the Time of Present is Called Present Perfect Continuous Tense. It May be Possible Continue in the Future.

Structure: Sub+Have/has+been+v1+ing+Extra Words

Then Have Been Waiting For the Train Since Morning

Key Words: Since, For, How Long.

Types of Tenses

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