Kerala Lottery Chart 2020 Check KL Weekly Guessing Nos Predictions KL Jackpot Results

Kerala Lottery Chart 2020: Kerala State Lotteries Every Day Conducting By the Officials Of the Department. Thousands Of Peoples are a Part Of the Kerala Lottery 2019. Kerala the Gods Own Country Added Another To Its Cap in 1967. Winners Will Get the Lakhs of Amount Which is Awarded By the Kerala State Lotteries Department. Many Of the Applicants Searching For Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart 2020.

KL Lottery Chart 2020

So Far We are Provided the Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2020 Download. So Applicants View the Below Table and Get the Weekly, Daily and Monthly Kerala Lottery Chart 2020. The Prize Winner Of a Lottery Shall Surrender the Prize Winning Ticket Within 30 days of the Draw.

KL Jackpot Results 2020

Download Here KL Charts Today Online Jackpot Results+ KL Charts, Kerala Monthly Result Chart, Kerala Lottery Jackpot, Kerala Lottery Chart Photo 2020, KL Jackpot Result and Much More Details of Kerala Lottery Chart Results are Available Here

Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart 2020 Download PDF Today Check Guessing Numbers PDF

Draw No Draw Date PDF
Karunya Plus KN 30313/2/2020DOWNLOAD
Akshaya AK 43212/02/2020DOWNLOAD
Sthree Sakthi SS 196 11/02/2020DOWNLOAD
Xmas New Year Bumper BR 7110/02/2020 DOWNLOAD
Win Win W 55110/02/2020 DOWNLOAD
Pournami RN 429 09/02/2020 DOWNLOAD
Karunya KR 43408/02/2020
Nirmal Weekly Lottery 15907/02/2020 DOWNLOAD
Karunya Plus KN 302 06/02/2020 DOWNLOAD
Akshaya AK 43105/02/2020 DOWNLOAD
Sthree Sakthi SS 19504/02/2020 DOWNLOAD
Win Win W55003/02/2020 DOWNLOAD
Pournami RN 42802/02/2020 DOWNLOAD
Karunya KR 43301/02/2020 DOWNLOAD
Nirmal Weekly Lottery NR 15831/01/2020 DOWNLOAD
Karunya Plus KN 30130/01/2020 DOWNLOAD
Akshaya AK 43029/01/2020DOWNLOAD
Sthree Sakthi SS 19428/01/2020 DOWNLOAD
Win Win (W-549)27/01/2020DOWNLOAD
Karunya KR 43225/01/2020DOWNLOAD
Nirmal Weekly Lottery NR 15724/01/2020DOWNLOAD
Karunya Plus Lottery KN 30023/01/2020DOWNLOAD
Akshaya AK-42922/01/2020DOWNLOAD
Sthree Sakthi SS-19321/01/2020 DOWNLOAD
Win Win W-54820/01/2020 DOWNLOAD
Pournami RN 42719/1/2020 DOWNLOAD
Karunya KR 43118/01/2020 DOWNLOAD

August 2019

7th August 2019 Akshaya AK-407 ( 1st Prize: AE 853979 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

8th August 2019 Karunya Plus KN-277 ( 1st Prize: PU 575175 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

13th August 2019 Sthree Sakthi SS-170 ( 1st Prize SW 860709 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

14th August 2019 Akshaya AK 408 ( 1st Prize AW 735650 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

16th August 2019 Nirmal Weekly Lottery NR-134 ( 1st Prize NF 117197 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

17th August 2019 Karunya KR-409 ( 1st Prize KP 736310 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

18th August 2019 Pournami RN 405 ( 1st Prize RA 895245 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

19th August 2019 Win Win W-526 ( 1st Prize WK 222588 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

20th August 2019 Sthree Sakthi SS 171 ( 1st Prize SD 451663) DOWNLOAD PDF

21st August 2019 Akshaya AK 409 ( 1st Prize AD 589054 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

JULY 2019

15th July 2019 Win Win 521 (1st Prize: WY 864725) DOWNLOAD PDF

16th July 2019 Sthree Sakthi SS 166 (1st Prize: SW 605032) DOWNLOAD PDF

17th July 2019 Akshaya AK 404 ( 1st Prize AW 392935 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

18th July 2019 Karunya Plus KN 274 ( 1st Prize PG 218078) DOWNLOAD PDF

18/07/2019 Monsoon Bumper BR 68 ( 1st Prize ME 174253) DOWNLOAD PDF

19/07/2019 Nirmal Weekly Lottery NR-130 ( 1st Prize NF 612272 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

20/07/2019 Karunya KR 405 ( 1st Prize KS 138111 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

21/07/2019 Pournami RN 401 ( 1st Prize RA 632497 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

22/07/2019 Win Win W-522 ( 1st Prize WG 604008 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

23/07/2019 Sthree Sakthi SS 167 ( 1st Prize SJ 630718 ) DOWNLOAD PDF

24/07/2019 Akshay AK 405 ( 1st Prize AH 492419) DOWNLOAD PDF

JUNE 2019

Date June
10WC 785215 (10TH JUNE )
11SJ 385433 (11TH JUNE )
12AB 249824 ( 12TH JUNE )
13PY 170655 ( 13TH JUNE )
14NZ 124902 ( 14TH JUNE )
15KC 833337 ( 15TH JUNE )
16RW 498913 ( 16TH JUNE )
17WR 568680 ( 17TH JUNE )
18SW 305902 ( 18TH JUNE )
19AR 749056 ( 19TH JUNE )

Kerala Lottery Chart 2020 Weekly Download Get Predictions of Kerala State Lottery Today

The Applicants Who Have Playing the Kerala State Lotteries Can Check the Daily Wise Chart. We are Providing the Details Of Kerala Monthly Lottery Results Chart, Old Numbers, Yesturday Lottery, Previous Lottery, Today Lottery Chart Numbers. This is the Biggest Lottery in India. Many Number of Contenders Participating Under Kerala Lottery Draw Today. Kerala Lottery Prediction & Winning Numbers, Kerala Lottery Guessing Numbers Will be Released By the Kerala State Lottery Department

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Important Details of Kerala State Lottery 2020

Prize Winning Tickets Above Rs 01 Lakh Shall be Surrendered Before the Director of State Lotteries After Affixing the Signature, Name and Address Of the Prize Winner On the Back Side Of the Tickets.


Above 10000 Money, Income Tax At Prevailing Rate Will be Deducted And Credited in to Central Government Account. Prize Winning Tickets Above Rs 01 Lakh and Upto Rs 20 Lakhs Shall be Passed For Payment By the Deputy Director.

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