Mega Millions Results 06/14/2019 @11 p.m ET Friday Jackpot 45 Million Dollar| (Game) Lottery Winning Numbers Cash Option

Mega Millions Results 14/06/2019 Mega Millions Payout / Numbering: Mega Millions Estimated Jackpot is 45 Million Dollars. This Mega Millions 06/14 Drawing Will be Held Today Friday At 11 p.m ET. The Cash Option of Mega Million is 244.2 Million Dollars.  Mega Millions is One of America’s 02 Big Jackpot Games & the Only One With Match 5 Prizes Up to $5 Million ( With the Optional Megaplier). Mega Million Jackpots Start At $40 Million & Other Prize Range / Amount From $2 to $1 Million. Many No of the US Unites Peoples Interested to Buy Lottery Tickets Or Play Lottery Game. Mega Millions Results Friday 14th June 2019 Will be One Of the Most Helpful and Life Turning Opportunity For Winner. Mega Millions Lottery Winner Will Get the Huge Range of Amount From Lottery Organization.

Important Details of Mega Millions Friday Draw 06/14/2019 

Estimated Jackpot: 45 Million 

Draw Time: 06/14/2019

Draw Date: 11.00 PM ET Friday 

Cash Option: 29.0 Million 

Mega Millions Winning Numbers Estimated Jackpot Cash Option 06/15

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Mega Millions Lottery Results Friday At 11.00 P.M 2019 Check Online 06/14/2019

Mega Million 06/14 @11 P.M ET Draw Going to Conduct. Estimated Jackpot Prize is 45 Millions Dollar and Cash Option: 29.0 Million Dollars. You Can View Big Winners Names, Numbers, Watch Live Draw, Past Winning Numbers and Nexr Draw Details. We are Provided Mega Millions Megaplier 3X Numbers Details. Below You Can Get Mega Millions 2019 Results and Winning Numbers. 

Mega Millions Winning Numbers 13 / Power Ball Numbers 14th June 2019

Mega Millions Drawings are Held Tuesday and Friday At 11:00 P.M ET. Five Balls are Drawn From a Set of Balls Numbered 1 Through 70: One Balls is Drawn From A Set Of Balls Numbered 1 Through 25. You Can Win If the Numbers On One Row Of Your Ticket Match the Numbers Of the Balls Drawn On the Date. There are 09 Ways To Win a Prize, From $2 to the Jackpot. If No One Wins the Jackpot, the Money is Added to the Jackpot For the Next Drawing. Overall Chances Of Winning a Prize are 1 in 24.

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How to Play Mega Millions Lottery 2019 

  • Players May Pick 06 No From 02 Separate Pools Of No’s Five Different Numbers From 1 to 70 & One Number From 1 to 25 Or Select Easy Pick.
  • You Will Win the Jackpot By Matching All 06 Six Winning No’s in a Drawing.
  • Mega Millions Tickets Prize Is $ 2.00 Per Play
  • The Jackpots Start At $40 Million
  • The Jackpots Grow By a Minimum Of $5 Million Per Draw Each Time

09 Ways to Win Prize Money in Mega Millions, Ranging From the Jackpot Down to $2

Match  Match  Prize  Chances 
5+ 1 Jackpot 1 In 302, 575, 350
5+ 0 $1,000,000 1 In 12,607,306
4+ 1 $10,000 1 In 931, 001
4+ 0 $500 1 In 38,792
3+ 1 $200 1 In 14,547
2+ 1 $10 1 In 693
1+ 1 $4 1 In 89
0+ 1 $2 1 In 37
Overall Chances Of Winning Any Prize      1 In 24 

If You Win the Jackpot What Can Do ? 

Annuity Option: Mega Millions Annuity is Paid Out As One Immediate Payment Followed By  29 Annual Payments. Each Payment is 5% Bigger then the Previous One.

Just the Jackpot: In Some State a Special Offer Called Just the Jackpot. At $3 the Player Will Receive 02 Plays For the Jackpot Only. Just the Jackpot Tickets are Not Eligible For Any Other Prize Levels.

Megaplier: Most of the States Now Offering a Megaplier Feature to Increase Non Jackpot Prizes By 2, 3, 4 Or 5 Times, It Costs An Additional $1 Per Day. Before Each Mega Millions Drawing On Tuesday and Friday Nights, this Megaplier is Drawn.

Where to Play Mega Million Lottery Game Today 

You Can Simply Play the Mega Millions Game in 46 Localities.

44 States Plus District of Columbia and the U.S Virgin Islands.

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington

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Mega Millions Results 2019 Check Game Details 

Type of Game  Draw Game
Jackpot Starting  $40 Millions
Purchasing Option  Online and In Store
Ticket Cost  $2.00
Mega Millions Drawing Schedule  Tuesday and Friday
Mega Millions Results 2019 Time  11:00 P.M
Availability States  44 State Washington D. C and the US Virgin Islands, Michigan

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Mega Millions 5/21 Results 

10 50 55 56 58 15 

Megaplier 5X

Mega Millions 5/17/2019 Results: 

05 17 28 32 63 11 

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